GarageBand For Linux OS – GarageBand Alternative

GarageBand is a music studio that is trusted by millions of people across the globe and I believe that this tool can help you create incredible music. Well, you could ask me that is creating music so easily? To be frank it might seem hard but with the help of music studios like GarageBand For Linux, we can make music easily. It has many amazing features which help you to create music easily and virtual instruments are the best feature that you can find. This tool is quite impressive and is considered one of the best music studios because we can create music easily, due to a variety of features it has. At the same time, we will be able to export our final master audio in different audio formats as well. Or else you can select to share your music with friends on social media or save as ringtone as well.

GarageBand For Linux – GarageBand Alternative

Apple Inc who has produced GarageBand app has not released this app for Linux OS for certain reasons. But it does not mean that we cannot find a music studio similar to GarageBand For Linux platform. In this guide I will be sharing two similar music studios which are LMMS and ARDOUR; both have amazing features that can help you to bring the best music out. So simply start reading the below guide and learn which music studio is the best suitable one for you.

GarageBand For Linux
GarageBand For Linux

GarageBand Linux System Requirements:

If you are considering reviewing the GarageBand system requirements for Linux OS, then you must know that there is no need to check for it. Since this app has not been released for Linux desktop platform, then there are no requirements needs. So you might be filled with questions that then how can I use this music studio by Apple on my Linux OS based desktop? If you want to use GarageBand for Windows then read this guide.

Best GarageBand Alternative For Linux OS

So as you know that GarageBand for Linux OS has not been released, then we are going to use an alternative for this app. We have found few of the best open source music studios similar to GarageBand that works on Linux platforms easily.

LMMS – Let’s Make Music

Do you know what does LMMS stand for? Well, it means Let’s make music which is quite a true tagline because this tool makes music creation even a simple process. You might wonder creating professional music might be hard, but you can start making awesome beats like never before.

You will be able to create beats, music and awesome music songs with voiceovers with the help of LMMS music studio. You can start creating music right away from your computer screen and believe me it was never so easy to create beats on computer ever. We can use different playback instruments while we record them, use samples and different audio plugins to give your beats a different effect.

LMMS music studio is created by professional musicians who want other to find how easy and fun it creates music from their computer screens. This music tool has been released for Mac, Windows and Linux OS desktop platforms which makes cloud saving easier.


Do you love to create music, then ARDOUR is the best option for you because this tool can help you record, edit and mix different beats together. The app interface is quite enormous as it is filled with lots of different features which include mixing and editing of songs. You get to control all virtual instruments and even add different sound effects to create a buzzing effect. At the end of the day, ARDOUR seems to be well-made music studio that can be used by musicians, audio engineers and even newbie who have no idea of creating professional music.

Moreover, it is a cross-platform application that has been released for Linux and Windows for free of cost. It allows users to create multiple track music which is quite impressive, such that we are able to add different beats and voiceovers as well.


Thanks for reading this article which will help you to find a better alternative of GarageBand for Linux OS, which will help you to find the best music studio for Linux platform. After downloading above apps you can start creating professional grade like music just like popular DJ’s and even shares them with friends.

How To Save GarageBand Songs As MP3 On MAC, iPhone/iPad

GarageBand app offers you a lot of different functions and believes me you will find these features amazing. But when it comes to imparting essential touches to your music and songs, you need to use some special features. Well, don’t get too worked up because I am talking about how you can import GarageBand songs and export them as well. To be frank, these options are quite simple to use and can be understood without any problem. Here is a complete guide on How To Save GarageBand Songs in 2018 on iPhone and Mac.

When we use music making software like GarageBand, it is necessary to learn how to import different music tracks in the app. If you are wondering why we would require introducing songs or music, then you should know that creating beats and sound is not enough. If you want to make professional songs, then you need to include voiceover as well. So sometimes you might have recorded your voice with song lyrics and saved it on your Mac desktop. If you are done making the beats and music, then you need to import the voiceover as one of the tracks. Finally, save the music and export the GarageBand song as an MP3 format to share it online or with friends as well.

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How To Save GarageBand Songs As MP3 On Mac, iPhone/iPad

I think the above reasons should be enough for you to know why the import feature is necessary; it is so because we can add different MP3 media files. In this way, you might add a song voiceover or another beat which you created a long time ago. You can add or import media files to GarageBand app to make your master audio even better.

How To Import/Export Songs In GarageBand

So let me start with the first tutorial which is how to import or add songs in GarageBand, you can follow it add different beats, voiceovers before saving master audio.

Step 1: First, open your GarageBand app and then click on the view button.

Step 2: Then we have to click on loop browse and then select Music through it.

Step 3: You can choose any songs from the track view playlist to add to GarageBand Or else you can drag any song from your desktop to the tracklist!

Let us consider that you have completed importing voiceover of songs and finished making GarageBand songs. Then you need to save GarageBand as MP3 which means we have to export these songs so that you can share them with friends or even on social media.

Step 1: Once you have opened the GarageBand app, you have to click on File button to save it first.

Step 2: Next, we have to click on the Share button, and then we have to click on “Export Song.”

Step 3: Select to export the song to disk and fill all the blanks in the new popup.

Step 4: Then click on the save button, and the audio will be exported!


So in this, we have learned how to import and export songs in GarageBand app and you will surely find this article helpful while using this software. And whenever you want to save GarageBand songs as MP3 then follow our above instructions.

Thanks for reading How to Save GarageBand Songs on iPhone or Mac guide.

GarageBand for iOS/iPhone/iPad – How to Download and Install

You will surely have fun creating music on your iPhone device with the help of the GarageBand for iOS app because it has quite an impressive UI design. While the UI design is simple, still there are tons of different features among which having virtual instruments is the real deal. In fact, you can also plug in real instruments to your desktop and at the same time record under each track layer. The main reason why millions of people love using GarageBand is that it has a simple design which makes creating music quite easy. And we can make use of all those virtual instruments by adding each under a single track, at the end creating master audio.

Next, we have many audio loops and audio effects which can be used to create amazing sounds on the go. We can add different audio loops and effects with the help of filters by creating professional music like DJ artists. Among the drummer kit, we have 9 different sets which we can make use of any time with just a single click.

GarageBand for iOS/iPhone/iPad

And when you are done creating music you can simply click on the Export button to save GarageBand as MP3 file. In this way, you can save GarageBand songs on your desktop or even share social media sites like Facebook, SoundCloud and more. I will be sharing the simple steps which will guide you to install GarageBand for iOS, such that you can rest assured.

GarageBand iPhone System Requirements

The latest version of GarageBand for IOS was released on June 05, 2017 and the current version is GarageBand 2.2.2. But before we check the system requirements you must make sure that you have enough space to install GarageBand for iPhone or iPad. It is so because this version has a size of around 1.7GB and it won’t be a problem for IOS devices with 32+ GB storage. But when it comes to iPhone a device that has 16 GB storage we have to think twice before installing an app which is around 2 GB.

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Now coming on to the important part of this guide, which is can an iPhone 6 run GarageBand without any problem. Then we have to make sure that the iPhone or iPad device you are using should be running on IOS 10.3+. So this is the only system requirements that should be fully filled before making sure that you can install GarageBand on iPhone.

Download GarageBand For iPhone 7/iOS – Install GarageBand For iPad IOS

GarageBand is a music recording studio that has tons of different touch instruments that we can use creates professional grade music and beats. We have to first download GarageBand for iPhone 7 or iPad by following the below guide.

  • First, we have to open the iPhone device and then go to App Store.
  • Next, click on the search button, and enter GarageBand for iOS app name.

  • Select the app in the results page and click on the install button.
  • Now the app will begin to download and make sure to select Wi-Fi.
  • Once the app is downloaded it will install in a few minutes!.
Note: The above steps can be followed to download the GarageBand app for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well the steps might have been for iPhone but if you want to install it for iPad and iPod, then you can follow the same steps.


Finally, you can download GarageBand for iOS devices by simply following the above installation steps. Next, you can start creating professional DJ like music from your iPhone device with the help of this amazing music studio.